Harry Potter

Harry Potter turns 20

June 26, 2017 Anna Q 0

There is the fact that in my mind Harry never really accomplishes anything by himself apart from the patronus in book 3. Hermione/ron/mother’s protection walk […]

blackberry fruit

Berry Blast

June 14, 2017 Anna Q 0

Is drinking a bottle of Naked Juice as healthy as eating all of its component fruits separately? So for example, Berry Blast claims to have […]

red squirrel in the forest


June 12, 2017 Anna Q 0

TIL: Combing a squirrel makes it stop working http://i.imgur.com/UPLWSpM.mp4 video by GallowBoob Favorite Comments: Squirrels can’t be domesticated. Even if you keep them as pets, […]

Black Rabbits

Black Rabbits

June 12, 2017 Anna Q 0

According to National Rex Rabbit Club’s website, they are Rex rabbits of the Otter variety. Otter Rex includes 4 varieties: Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. […]