Berry Blast

blackberry fruit

Is drinking a bottle of Naked Juice as healthy as eating all of its component fruits separately?

So for example, Berry Blast claims to have 5 blackberries, 4 raspberries, etc. Added sugar aside, does a bottle of berry blast have the same nutritional value as all those fruits combined? (submitted by BabyZee)

Comment by dr_rj4:

The reason that fruit is beneficial to you is that despite being sweet and having sugar, it has other nutrients that you need, and this out weighs the sugar content because the fiber in fruit slows its absorption.

An apple will provide a nice even amount of sugar to your body for energy as well as other nutrients because the fiber mitigates how you absorb it.

If you blend this up, the fiber is easier to process and the sugars are more free to enter your blood stream.

If you then remove the pulp it’s even easier for your body.

When sugar is absorbed quickly it spikes insulin production and this puts your body in an energy storage mode. Taking the excess blood sugar and prompting fat deposits.

Edit: Just to further the point. A huge problem with many peoples diets is a lack of fiber and high sugar. Cheap white bread and similar carbs are absorbed quickly, couple this with sugary drinks which have virtually no fiber, you wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Obesity and diabetes are rampant problems and these are the biggest causes. It’s about moderating caloric intake not just in daily values but in proportion to other key nutritional components and ensuring proper digestion.