Comey Confirms to Senate Intel Committee He Did Tell the President 3 Times He Was Not Under Investigation


No one is talking about the Turkey investigation because it’s small potatoes compared to a foreign power and a Presidential candidate colluding to swing an election. No, there isn’t any hard evidence, but there is suspicion.

DNC hacks taking place at a greater prevalence than for the RNC

Candidate not being hacked suggests more hacks

Top Trump campaign officials have undisclosed meetings with Russian officials. It’d be one thing if there was a bunch of undisclosed meetings between the Trump campaign officials and officials of other countries – we’d still wonder why and perhaps investigate – but the meetings take place between the Trump campaign officials and the officials from a country who is actively working to disrupt the election process… on behalf of the candidate with whose officials they are meeting.

I don’t care how much you hate Hillary. This is strange. This needs to be investigated because it is fucking off-putting to think that a foreign power influenced our election.

And this idea of the media being unfair to a candidate is not something that has just started with Donald Trump.

Let me reiterate: The idea of the media being unfair to a candidate is not something that has just started with Donald Trump

It just so happens that Trump is the first President to have his campaign investigated over some suspicious meetings and computer hacking of the opposing political party (meetings and hacking done with and by the same country btw).

I don’t care how much you hate the Clintons, but it is fucking shameful to think that there are individuals who aren’t the least bit concerned over the implications this investigation has.

I know that the middle of the country did this out of desperation, a wish to avoid Hillary, the opportunity for real change for once, or the opportunity to blow up the current status quo in DC, but none of the problems they have (unemployment, drug addiction, etc) will be solved if some foreign entity is allowed to manipulate us from the outside. Especially a foreign entity that wants to see us weakened.

I mean, what if this happens again? How can we trust our own system? How can we believe that we make our own destiny as Americans? (and before the Illuminati bullshit, keep in mind that roughly 30-35% of eligible voters go out to vote during midterm elections – I would be more inclined to believe that we are under the control of some mass secret society if more people went out to vote and still saw no change) Do we just accept that this is how our elections will go: one candidate will be backed (knowingly or otherwise) by a country that will hack the opposition party and the party with the dirtiest secrets loses. What stops the country from lying about one of the opposing parties? Or do government and government officials matter so fucking little that we could all just choose to ignore it and the country will just continue right along?

The behavior of some Americans during this has truly been a fucking disappointment.

Author: ghost20063