Look, see Crystal Meth & Adderall are the same.


That bullshit was posited by Dr. Carl Hart, who took Desoxyn on his 40th birthday 11 years ago when going to attend a NIDA convention. No bullshit.

What people fail to understand (and part of the reason why im banned from r/drugs lol,) is that methamphetamine is a substituted amphetamine of the amphetamine class of psychostimulants.

So the way it goes is like this:

For people with ADHD, like myself, we have an imbalance of dopamine. When people say “ADHD sufferes cant pay attention” that’s subjective horseshit. What we have is a Dysregulated attention span. Our long term memory is awesome (which is why we recognize nuances in complex patterns and operate well in crisis modes,) but our working memory (what we need to know right in that very moment,) sucks balls.

  • The reason for this? Quite simply: WE ARE TOO FRIGGIN HYPER! (ALL KINDS OF FUCKING DINOSAURS!)

(Sorry, little ADHD humor, jenna def has ADHD as well. Love ya jenna. Moving on…)

Psychostimulants play a key role (along with therapy, although the split is 65/35 in favor of meds,) in keeping us calm. How? Don’t stimulants hype people up and make them have all kinds of fucking wonderfuls?

  • Well, not for us. The paradoxical effects we experience on stimulants like ritalin (methylphenidate, which is a substituted phenthylamine,) adderall (levo/dextroamphetamine,) Vyvanse (Lisdex/dextroamphetamine) and yes, even Desoxyn (methamphetamine HCL, which is prescribed only in the most severe cases of ADHD,) helps keep us calm.

Each psycho/neurostimulant (however you wish to classify them) is different and everyone reacts differently to them.

  • For ritalin, the mechanism of action relies on the fact that it’s a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Basically: it keeps dopamine and norepinephrine blocked inside the neuron and increases it’s general firing rate across the synaptic cleft. Downside: Half life is less than 180 minutes (for extended release, IR is about 90 minutes.) Edit: Should have clarified from other poster. Ritalin is a dopamine norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. What this means is that it doesn’t “block” dopamine and norepinephrine in the cell, but it’s transporters. (Link to wiki if you want more info, but unfortunately, mods locked us all out, so msg me if you have any other questions/discrepancies. Everything else is accurate.)
  • Amphetamine, in this case Adderall (which is racemic mixtures of stereoisomers of levo/dextroamphetamine,) is a Dopamine Releasing Agent, (as well as an inhibitor.) It’s mechanism of action relies on storing monoamines like dopamine in the cellular vesicles, then releasing them across the synaptic cleft via TAAR1. It acts, much like ritalin, as a dopamine transporter (DRT) and has a longer half life (4-6 hrs Instant Release, 7-12 hrs Extended Release.) It’s been found that Adderall and Ritalin combined help even healthy adults without ADHD at therapeutic levels by maximixing their brain output and feel better overall. For ADHD’ers, the combination of Adderall and Ritalin also helps us as well than by each substance as a standalone. Because of their complimentary nature: it is possible that Ritalin helps offset deficts caused by amphetamine by it’s mechanism of action, which offsets methamphetamine neurotoxicity.
  • Downside of amphetamine: indirect neurotoxicity. Ritalin also has some unknown cardiovascular effects as well. Rarely, it can kill you at therapeutic doses due to adverse reactions. There’s also Eveko, which is the same as adderall, just different measurements of levo/dextro (in adderall, it’s 25% levo/75% dextro. In Eveko, it’s 50/50.)
  • Vyvanse (Lisdexfetamine) is a prodrug that breaks down into dextroamphetamine (dexedrine) which lasts about as long as meth without the nasty side effects. Downside: It lasts super duper uber goober stupor long, like 10-12 hrs, just on the half life.

(Which brings us to…)

  • Desoxyn (methamphetamine HCL) is a substituted amphetamine, which as the OC OP has already noted: has an extra carbon atom attached to it’s atomic structure, which causes it to be stupidly strong in it’s percieved effects (as I said, about 10-12 hrs on the half life, like vyvanse only more intense,) is released via VMAT2, which is directly neurotoxic to the body and brain.

As I stated earlier with amphetamine, neurotoxicity is a major issue surrounding the psychostimulant class of medicine. In amphetamine’s case, it may or may not be dose dependent. Methylphenidate is definetely neurotoxic. However, you’d have to be taking it, like Adderall, for an assholish amount of time and doing other shit on top of it in order for there to be any serious effects.

  • Neurotoxicity is caused by these drugs from a build up of oxidopamine in the cells, which is caused by a downregulation of tyrosine hydroxylase. Basically, Tyrosine is what synths dopamine and Tyrosine Hydroxylase is what upregulates it. Stimulants down regulate TH and cause neurotoxicity via 6DHT. But in Meth’s case, it is directly caused and can be traced based on dosage. Super edit: also, in re: neurotoxicity, cocaine is also helpful. “Wait, what?! Cocaine is highly addictive and is bad for you!” Whilst this may be true in many cases, in regards to stimulant neurotoxicity, cocaine (as a sertonergic dopamine reuptake inhibitor,) offsets neurotoxicity of amohetamine/methamphetamine by releasing oxidants and antioxidants.

For all the naysayers who say, “Well why even prescribe them, what about nonstimulants or tricyclic antidepressants?”

A). Nonstimulants and TCA’s suck. No really, they do. B). As I said earlier: to offset neurotoxicity involving meth, use ritalin. To offset neuroinflammation involving meth (or just plain amphetamine,) CBD oil. C). Finally, as I may have made mention: at therapeutic doses, amphetamine/methamphetamine/ritalin are completely safe and even beneficial to patients with either ADHD or are neurotypical. Therapeutic dose is around 20mg/day of amphetamine, 40-60mg/day ritalin, 30mg/day vyvanse and 5-10mg/day of desoxyn.

The hype surrounding meth is stupid. Doctor Oz is stupid. Do some research or weekend experimentation and see where it goes. Just don’t be stupid (I.E. don’t abuse and don’t be reckless.)

Anything I missed, lmk.

Author: Food_And_Liquor