Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack

London bridge

Not even surprised anymore.. here are a few things I’d say on the issue:

  • The kinds of internet regulation that would have any effect on radicalisation would require censorship on a scale that would do more harm to free speech.. the added control would conveniently allow them to expand reach beyond issues relating to radicalisation to wider ‘problems’ such as criticisms and challenges against state power and policy. it’d be like solving the threat of attacks on commercial airlines by requiring everyone to be put under general anesthetic or into a state of paralysis. It may not be the current government that decides to take advantage of these new powers to further their own interests, but a future government whose nature or intentions we can not know.
  • The reality is that if a terrorist attack can be carried out by simply grabbing a car and driving people down, or getting a knife, a surveillance system 100 times more powerful as we have today still wouldn’t prevent these attacks. What needs to happen is for the west to honestly assess why we are more frequently finding ourselves the target of attacks.
  • First thing we need to do is to stop the media from glamorizing and giving such huge coverage to these attacks… The manchester attack made headlines on almost every UK newspaper for almost a week straight.. the election campaign was called off for several days. Every attack is receiving the immediate attention of the leader of the country, with a live tv speech… Its become too easy for those radicalised individuals to spread chaos and terror. In the same way that the huge media coverage of school shootings in the US has contributed to the phenomenon of copycat attacks, it appears that it is similarly incentivising attacks by radicals, and rewarding them with instant fame and notoriety. I fear the government will continue to reject the notion that this serves the radicals, as this form of media coverage enables them to sell the need for increased protection and surveillance.. it drives fear into the population.
  • Second significant thing we could do is to deprive these radicals of the legitimate grievance which arises from our interventions in foreign countries. People can see right through the governments inability to debate the question of our relationship with Saudi Arabia. A substantial number of members of radical groups are well educated and well read.. They are driven not only through the reading of the koran, but also through reading western academic literature (including authors/journalists/academics who are not given air time on mainstream media, because of their dangerous views, dangerous in that they imply we need to change). While our governments might continue to deny that our foreign invasions have produced terrorism and anti west dogmas, these radicalised individuals know that is the case, and we know it too. Jeremy Corbyn was attacked for suggesting that the manchester attack and similar attacks are motivated not solely by radical islamic ideology, but by the activities of our governments abroad. Theresa May crudely attempted to rebut this argument by suggesting that these sentiments are merely justifications for terrorism.. she is certain there is no correlation. Unfortunately most people are easily swayed by such rhetoric. It is completely out of bounds to question or debate that aspect. Mysteriously the following weeks of media coverage on Corbyn push a theme of him being a terrorist sympathiser… Exploration or discussion of our Saudi friends involvement in Yemen, or their role in the Syrian conflict is also out of bounds… The individual who carried out the Manchester attack had apparently fought in Libya, a country where the UK had been covertly sponsoring militias.
  • Final point, if Theresa May has her way, this comment would be unacceptable, and would probably justify shutting down or censoring this forum.. That might sound unrealistic or far fetched now, but in 10 years its possible


*Edit (13 hours after above comment)

Please watch and SHARE the below video released today which shows UK home secretary Amber Rudd blatantly call for censorship of an independent parliamentary candidate while he attempts to speak on the issue of UK/Saudi relationship. This is barefaced contempt for democracy and free speech. It should make headlines. Submit a complaint to newspapers that are not covering it, most have complaint forms!

Author: throwawaytodayin2017